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David Stern To Step Down As NBA Commissioner In 2014



David Stern has announced he will step down as commissioner of the NBA on February 1st, 2014. Stern became the commissioner on February 1st, 1984 which will mark his 30th anniversary when he hangs them up for good.

Deputy commissioner Adam Silver will take over. Silver is highly regarded in the NBA world.

Stern sent an email to NBA executives announcing his retirement.

“The Board has selected Adam Silver to succeed me as NBA Commissioner, and I am very pleased with their choice. As you know, Adam is a world-class business executive who has influenced so many areas of our business during his 20-year tenure with the league, from television, to digital, to international, to merchandising, to sponsorships, to team business, to, of course, labor negotiations. I know that the organization will be in very good hands when Adam becomes Commissioner.

“What we have achieved together and will continue to achieve is extraordinary – and we will have 15 months to talk about it.”

David Stern made the announcement official later on during a press conference.

”I don’t know what else to say other than to recite what I told the owners yesterday in executive session. I told them that it’s been a great run, it will continue for another 15 months, that the league is in, I think, terrific condition.”

Even though a lot of NBA fans, executives and players have resentment towards the commissioner of 30 years, you can’t deny what he has done for the NBA. The league was in the dumps basically when he took over. He not only saved the league, but he made It one of the top 3 most popular sports in America.

With that being said I will be very excited when he is no longer the head man in charge. I think he has helped rig games and helped the more popular franchise succeed for longer periods of time. I think he has his hands in way too many things and is lucky he hasn’t been caught doing so just yet. He has helped the league way more than he has hurt it, but if he ever got caught that perception may change. Good luck, Mr. Commissioner. I’m sure teams like the Houston Rockets are having private parties in their locker room right now as I’m writing this.