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Houston Rockets Trade Martin, Lamb And Picks For James Harden


This is just a quick reaction to the breaking news that your Houston Rockets just traded away our future for one player that won’t be able to replace the production of Kevin Martin. As shocking as the news of trading away Kevin Martin and Jeremy Lamb is, (I hate losing Lamb), The fact that we gave up an additional three draft picks is confusing.

James Harden is an excellent sixth man in the system that Scott Brooks has set up in OKC but as a starter and in a system where defense and spreading the floor is vital I have to question this move. What is going on in the war room at the Toyota Center? I am hoping that this does not come back to bite them like so many other players Houston has traded away in the past, but i have to say I have my doubts.

I am going to have to sleep on this and get back to you tomorrow Fans. Tell me what you think this move means and whether or not Houston just got robbed.