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Houston Rockets: Consistency Is Key To Success


Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

It’s only four games into the season but it’s very noticeable that the Rockets biggest problem is consistency. After the first two games James Harden was declared the savior and everyone jumped on the Houston Rockets bandwagon. Now after dropping two in a row people are saying they’re another star away from contending.

They have the talent to make the playoffs this year but they have to stay consistent on both sides of the floor. Omer Asik has done his part by doing what he was brought here to do which is defend and rebound. James Harden has done more than expected after getting to Houston just days before the season started. But the rest of the team has been very up and down so far.

Defensively they either make really good decisions or really bad ones. Jeremy Lin is getting a lot of steals but he’s also getting beat with speed and quickness by every point guard he’s played so far. His shooting has also been very inconsistent. His playmaking abilities are still there but he needs to show why he was brought here to give fans a reason to believe in him.

Chandler Parsons has got off to a bit of a rough start so far this season. His shooting is way off compared to what he did in the preseason, or even what he did last season. He’s shooting just 32% from the field and 25% from downtown. He’s also getting way more minutes but scoring at a lesser rate than he did his rookie year. With that being said, he is rebounding and finding his teammates more this year. I think his shot will come around but it needs to come around soon because Harden can’t do it all.

The main question I have is who is the second offensive option behind Harden? Is it Lin? Parsons? Carlos Delfino? If these guys don’t step it up soon these analysts will be right in saying the Rockets are another star away from contending. But let’s also not forget its only four games deep into the season.