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The Miami Heat And The Referees Take Down The Houston Rockets 113-110


Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Heat come into Houston and squeak by with a 113-110 win over the Rockets thanks to 38 points from LeBron James and a few blown calls from the referees.

Don’t get me wrong, LeBron is the best player on the planet, which is why he doesn’t need these phantom calls that him and his teammates get. LeBron is 285 pounds, so when Marcus Morris bumps him and he flys to the floor like he got bulldozed and gets the call you will understand my frustration. Not to mention there is supposed to be a new no flopping rule in the league.

There was also another play where Chris Bosh went up for a dunk that he botched, but a foul call was not called until after he missed the dunk. If you look at the replay Bosh was untouched and it wasn’t even close. I know some of you will see this and be outraged, but look at the tape, it speaks for itself.

With all that being said, the Rockets didn’t help themselves either. Continuing to call these isolation plays for James Harden is not working. Not even LeBron or Dwyane Wade run iso’s so why should Harden get that opportunity?

The Rockets played their heart out. To lose by just three points to the defending champions has to open some people’s eyes, especially the Western Conference.

Omer Asik had his best game of his career with 19 points and 14 rebounds. He shot 4-8 from the field and 11-14 from the line. He surprisingly was able to keep up with Chris Bosh for the most part.

Chandler Parsons had his best game of the season with 25 points on 8-17 shooting, 5-10 from downtown and 4-4 from the line. He always steps up his game against the best in the league. Those are the types of players every team wants and needs.

Marcus Morris hit two huge three pointers for the Rockets in the fourth quarter. Morris is finally starting to come into his own and be a valuable piece in the Rockets rotation. He also played great defensively.

The Rockets deserve a lot of credit after this tough loss. Kelvin Sampson has been incredible since stepping in for Kevin McHale. Houston finally cut their turnovers in half with just 11. They also shot very well from the field and from the line.

Houston played an overall great game. Too bad it was against the best team in the league. They play the Hornets on Wednesday. Let’s see if they can keep this phenomenal play up and get a win this time around.