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Houston Rockets: Chandler Parsons is Shane Battier 3.0



The Houston Rockets are sitting at 3-4 right now with head coach Kevin McHale out and “the Hard-Lin experience” causing a lot of fans to scratch their heads.

Have no fear, Chandler Parsons is here to save the day. Over the past few games he has been the only player who has seemed to consistently get better and can work with the bench or the starters. The team is leaning on him to lead them to victory. Lebron James was bound to have a great game but none of the shots he hit were easy ones. Most were contested and a few were just ridiculous.

The sooner the coaching staff realizes that they can run the pick and roll more effectively with Parsons and James Harden instead of Omer Asik the sooner they will be more productive. The sooner Parsons realizes this team is his for the taking the sooner we will start winning games that look to be tough. I’m not going as far as to say he is the best scorer on the team or the most athletic. what i am saying is that he has the best overall skill set to be a leader on the court much like Shane Battier was. Think about a 6’10 battier that can jump and help bring the ball up the court. Scary for the rest of the league. A hidden jewel for Houston.