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Houston Rockets: Marcus Morris Becomes A Solid Rotation Player


Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Marcus Morris has been through a lot so far in his NBA career. From being the 14th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. To getting sent to the D-League, getting no playing, being in Kevin McHale’s doghouse and to fans calling for his head. Morris looks to have finally found his place within an NBA rotation and is making the most of it.

Marcus is still essentially a rookie. He only played in 17 games last season for the Rockets. He averaged just 2 points on 29% shooting and less than 1 rebound in 7 minutes a game. It didn’t help that McHale didn’t’ trust him enough to give him any significant playing time. He was moved back and forth from the D-League to the NBA as well.

I have always thought Morris had the talent to make a huge impact for the Houston Rockets. He’s a tweener, which means he can play both forward spots. Some say that’s a disadvantage when it comes to the NBA, but from what I’ve seen so far this year it could be a blessing in disguise. The direction the NBA is going towards is a more athletic and small big man type of league. Morris will mostly play the power forward position for now. But guys like Carmelo Anthony have shown athletes with their size, speed and skill-set can make it work.

Morris had a tough time with everything his rookie year. This year he is showing he can do it all. He’s shooting threes, mid-range jumpers, grabbing rebounds and playing strong defense against guys like LeBron James.

So far in 7 games this season Morris has improved in almost every statistical category significantly. Morris is averaging 9 points on 48% shooting and 5 rebounds in 19 minutes a game.

Let’s put it this way. If Morris averaged starter’s minutes, let’s say 35-40 minutes a game, he would be averaging around 18 points and 10 rebounds a game. We’re talking boarder-line All-Star numbers.

Morris isn’t a shot blocker and he won’t get many steals, but he is a tough defender. He’s quick and athletic enough to bother his opponent. His offensive game is also starting to come around like I thought it would. People still give me hell for saying he’s a poor man’s Carmelo Anthony, but so far he’s showing that’s exactly what he is.

I know it’s just 7 games into the season, but i expect Morris to continue this play, if not become better.