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Houston Rockets Breaking News: Royce White Is Prepared To Quit


Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

It has been reported that Royce White has told ESPN he is going to meet with General Manager of the Houston Rockets Daryl Morey and is prepared to walk away from the NBA.

Royce White continues to miss games and practices and there is no sign of him returning. NBA Columnist for Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski reported earlier today that White has been fighting the Rockets since day one, refusing to get in a vehicle that would take him to training camp in Rio Grande Valley. White has stated his anxiety wouldn’t be as bad if he was given minutes in the NBA.

Royce seems to not understand nothing is easy in the NBA. You have to work for playing time and big contracts. The Rockets have treated this guy better than the Lakers treat Kobe. He is simply not worth all of the negativity it’s bringing to the Rockets organization.

This obviously has less to do with his disorder than he puts on. If he has anxiety why is he brining more attention to himself? He’s not fighting for people who suffer from the same disorder. He’s fighting to get what he wants, like a child does.

Royce has gotten a chance to live my dream of playing professional basketball. Millions of people have dreamed of this since they first picked up a ball. Now he’s throwing it all away. This shows how weak of a person he is. How cowardly he is. If this news is true he will never step foot on an NBA court again.