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Why The Houston Rockets Should Trade For Amar’e Stoudemire



The Houston Rockets are currently sitting 8th in the Western Conference with a 4-4 record, but that record could easily be 7-1 and Houston would then be ranked 1st in the Western Conference as of today.  The OT loss to Portland, the six point loss to Denver, and even the three point loss to Miami could have easily been Houston victories if one or two things went their way.

Which makes me ponder the question: what’s missing? Or rather who’s missing?

While the New York Knicks are on a hot start this season starting 6-0, Amare Stoudemire is sitting out with an injury.  If suddenly the Knicks start playing like the old Knicks when Stoudemire gets back, it wouldn’t surprise me if they try trading him before the deadline in February.

If this were to happen, Daryl Morey should be the first one calling the Knicks front office about putting together a deal that would bring Stoudemire to Houston.  He would fit perfectly in the pick-and-roll system the team is trying to incorporate and could knock down that mid-range jump shot the team has been lacking since Luis Scola left town.  And though his defense isn’t that good, Omer Asik would be playing in the post next to him so he won’t have to play that great of defense for the team to succeed.

In order to get him, Houston will have to put together a package deal that would most likely consist of Patrick Patterson and one or two of the rookies.  If I were the Rockets, I would try to keep Terrence Jones.  He has shown that he is a valuable asset and would be a nice backup to Stoudemire.  Royce White and Donatas Motiejunas would more than likely be the two candidates to make the deal come reality.

Patterson would fit nicely in New York’s starting lineup.  Carmelo Anthony would slide over to the small forward spot and the Knicks would still be able to maintain the great defense they have been playing as of late.  Patterson is a work horse defensively and a great rebounder.  I would compare him to Boston Celtics’ Brandon Bass.  A guy who could give you ten points and ten rebounds on a talented roster like the Knicks have.

Obviously the numbers need to add up in order for this to work but something like this can happen.  This trade works for both teams and it gives Houston that third offensive weapon that you need to become a title contender.