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Houston Rockets: Christmas Day Uniforms Released


The Houston Rockets and nine other teams will get the privilege of not just playing on Christmas day, but also show off a new look. The NBA and Adidas came together to create what they call ”Big Color” uniforms to attempt to highlight the players more than usual on one of the most popular days of the NBA season.

“We worked with Adidas to amplify our long-standing tradition of playing on Christmas Day,” said NBA Executive Vice President of Global Merchandising Sal LaRocca. “BIG Color gives our players an enhanced look on the court and highlights one of the most visible dates during our season with a new and exciting range of products.”

Personally I’m not a big fan of some of the designs, they seem a bit boring. But I do love the Rockets design. I’m not sure if it’s because I actually think they look good or I’m just glad I get to see something besides the boring uniforms they already wear on a game by game basis.

The Houston Rockets will take on the Chicago Bulls at 7 p.m.