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Houston Rockets: Become Legendary


November 23, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony (7) attempts to drive the ball past Houston Rockets small forward Chandler Parsons (25) during the second quarter at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Tonight’s win over the Utah Jazz was expected. The Jazz are a good team but not elite and the Houston Rockets are one of the better teams in the league when they play at home. After reading a few articles tonight and checking out numerous power rankings I started to think. Not about how disrespected the team should feel that they barely ever crack anyone’s top 20 list despite having the 6th toughest schedule so far and being at .500. Not at how people are saying that Jeremy Lin was a mistake, despite his recent improvement in all aspects of point-guard play, or that James Harden turns the ball over too much. Not even at the nonexistent press coverage on Chandler “Bang” Parsons and his All-Star-ish play this year on the host city’s team. It doesn’t even bother me that Patrick Patterson and Omer Asik are one of the best rebounding/scoring duos in the league over the last two weeks, and still get criticized for either not rebounding enough “Patterson”, or not knowing how to score “Asik”. What I can not wrap my head around is why, with all the talent these players have, do none of them ever think they are the best players on the court?

Excuse me Mr. Jordan but maybe they are making excuses. Maybe they feel that thinking they are the best players on the court or acting like that will hurt them. Maybe they don’t believe they are. Maybe they have bought in to what the media says, or the sports writers say, or they are just plain scared of reaching their full potential. Maybe they are just making excuses.

Every team in the league has a player/players that feel on any given night and no matter who they are playing against they are superior to their competition. Until someone on this Rockets team gets that “killer instinct” the team will continue to be exciting for all the wrong reasons. Leads will be blown and games they are supposed to win they will loose. Turnovers and defensive intensity come from the mind. If you can enter a game and feel that you make the right passes, and take the right shots, you will. If you feel disrespected when someone scores on you, and get angry when a player plays off of you, you will excel.

The bottom line is that the Rockets have quite a few players on the verge of a breakout year who could all feel like they are the best at their individual positions, and enough firepower to score with anybody. What Houston doesn’t have is the desire for greatness. Let’s not be content with surprising the NBA, let’s take on the world. You never know what might happen.