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Houston Rockets: James Harden pleads for help.


Nov 28, 2012; Oklahoma City, OK, USA; Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden (13)

Among other things, competitive juices flow through James Harden’s pores. More than a few players in the past have been known to sit back and put his feet up on the stacks that he broke his back to get. A playoff series here and there would be enough to make them feel like they validated their worth. Apparently, this beard has his peepers set on shiny objects. Harden’s recent s.o.s. could serve as an inspiring post-it on a locker room dry-erase board. It reminds management that the star player feels like he’s somewhat on an island. Even Kevin Durant needs Russell Westbrook. ( I guess a front-row seat at Thunder games for three years would give clarity to proper team construction.) Even though we all know that “Dealin’ Daryl” isn’t done by a long shot, any extra added pressure to keep the checkbook ajar is very healthy for a franchise. Especially now with the Rockets being as hot as they are, James’s pitch to his elite peers has a nice ring to it all of a sudden.

But money is no object to who the Rockets are targeting. The ones that endorse our footwear need to be swayed and wooed. That’s where the importance of sustaining the early success comes in. If this young group of kids can muster up a decent post-season run, it would purchase the respect of the elitists. It could change everything. In what was once allowed and prepared to be a throw away season, this has turned into one of the most critical times in the history of the franchise.