Houston Rockets: James Harden Is Recruiting Players

By Kyle Adams

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not secret that the Houston Rockets are not done trying to improve their current roster. Now that they have acquired James Harden they will need him to help sway other athletes into coming to Clutch City to suit up in the red and silver. And he’s doing just that. Harden has spoke out about how he’s recruiting players to join him in Houston.

“Of course. I’ve been starting that recruiting process. One player is not going to win a championship. Nowadays you need two or maybe more. I’ve definitely started the recruiting process. We need more guys to come over here, so we can win. For right now we are going to stick with the players we have and try to run with that.”

James Harden has never been the main piece of a puzzle. He’s never had to recruit, be the face of a franchise or the number one option for a team. It’s safe to say he is buying into his new role and loving it.

Harden has not named dropped anyone just yet. So who could he be recruiting? Names that come to mind are Josh Smith, Pau Gasol, Amare Stoudemire and im sure many others. But could the Rockets need a change at point guard after the slow start Jeremy Lin has been going through all season? Harden also spoke out in favor of his teammate.

“He’s done a great job. It’s his first year, too, as a starting point guard, and starting the year off as a point guard, so we both have a lot to learn together. He’s a great player. He can create on the ball and shoot the ball as well. He’s a great point guard.”

Daryl Morey is always going after big names and is never content with his team’s roster. There is no telling who Harden is recruiting or who Morey has his eyes set on. But I guarantee you it’s something big in the works.