Houston Rockets Get No Love From ESPN

By Kyle Adams

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets have blown out their opponents in three straight games by at least 22 points. They did it on Christmas against the Chicago Bulls on ESPN in the night game for the whole world to see.

During halftime when the Rockets were up by 17 the ESPN analyst’s choose to completely ignore this game and talk about the Los Angeles Lakers vs. New York Knicks instead. It was as if this game didn’t mean antyhing even after everyone picked the Bulls to win.

What’s with the Houston hate? The Rockets are the youngest team in the NBA, which also means they are one of the most exciting teams to watch. ESPN continued to talk about the Lakers all day and night although the Rockets have a record of 15-12 while the Lakers are just 14-14.

Through the years ESPN has discounted the Rockets, Houston Texans and the Houston Astros for whatever reason. Even after the Rockets signed Jeremy Lin and traded for James Harden they still continue to be overlooked for lesser teams. I’m starting to think the only way the Rockets will ever get any love is if they land Kobe Bryant, LeBron James or Kevin Durant, which is never going to happen.

I understand there are teams more popular than the Rockets but they’re supposed to want the most exciting games on their channel. Just completely ignoring them during halftime and after a blow out win is just completely disrespectful and unprofessional.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Magic Johnson is on the show and he’s a former Laker. Not to mention everyone else sucks up to him and agrees with him on everything. ESPN is the soap opera network of sports. Most of what they talk about it is meaningless. These guys have no clue what they’re talking about half the time, which is sad since most of them once played in the NBA.

If you want legitimate NBA news I suggest you tune in to NBATV, because ESPN is just looking for the drama.