Houston Rockets: All-Star Vote Update

By Kyle Adams

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Jeremy Lin had that insane month nearly a year ago I knew he would most likely be a starter in the 2013 NBA All-Star game. He’s not far off as he’s third in voting in the backcourt behind Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul. James Harden sits at fourth ahead of former teammate Russell Westbrook.

Does Lin deserve to be on the team let alone a starter? Not at all. Until recently he has struggled this year so far. James Harden is the biggest reason the Houston Rockets are relevant in the NBA right now. Lin having more votes than Harden is a disgrace to sports in general.

The most annoying thing about pro sports is the All-star voting. It’s all a popularity contest when it should be about who had the better year. I can think of a number of people who have had better years so far than Lin. But when you put the vote in the hands on the fans this is what you get. Say what you want about Lin but he’s still one of the most popular athletes in basketball even after leaving New York.

It’s hard to make a case for Harden to be a starter when Kobe has the better numbers, but Harden should at least make the team. He’s definitely having an All-star type of season in his first year as the main go-to-guy. Great shooting guards are a dying breed these days but guys like Kobe and Harden are keeping it alive.

Here is where it stands so far in the Western Conference backcourt. Kobe Bryant leads the way with 977,444 votes. Chris Paul is in 2nd with 542,564 votes. Jeremy Lin is in 3rd place with 496,133 votes and James Harden is in 4th place with 283,691 votes.

There are just 18 days left to vote. Make sure you cast your vote for your Houston Rockets as much as you possibly can, Especially for James Harden.