Houston Rockets: Royce White Turns Down NBA D-League Assignment

By Kyle Adams

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought the Royce White drama was over last night after David Aldridge reported that White would join the NBA D-league, Aldridge had another report this morning, and it wasn’t good.

According to David Aldridge, Royce White has stated he will not play for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers of the NBA Development League, citing “unsafe” atmosphere of team officials making mental health calls. Aldridge also states that White wants to play, but only with the collaboration and recommendation of trained officials.

White also said that the Houston Rockets have only given him an “image” of support, and provided information that is “extremely misleading, and a lot of times totally inaccurate.”

“To portray that the Rockets have been supportive to me is fundamentally incorrect.”

Jonathan Feigen said on twitter that “it is is very much in Rockets interests to make it work. He does not agree with their decisions/positions, but the goals should be the same.”

After this report came out I looked around for what fans had to say first before making my own assumption. It seems that most of the fans have joined my side on the Royce White saga. It’s time to let the kid go. He obviously doesn’t want to be here and turns down every Rockets effort to get him on the floor.

All he has shown the Houston Rockets organization is that the reports were true. He’s a high risk, high reward type of player with a lot of immaturity. The Rockets were the only team that was willing to take a chance on him and it has backfired big time.

The entire story is just strange. He has all the talent in the world but let’s his issues run his life. I understand that anxiety is a major issue that he definitely needs help with, but he’s also pushing it way too far and is being unrealistic about the situation. He seems to not understand he’s the employee and does not run anything.

I would say he needs a change of scenery but even that doesn’t look promising. He hasn’t shown anything that leads me to believe he will turn it around at some point. It looks like this will just be a sad story that will run on ESPN’s 30for30 in a few years than anything positive.

When it gets down to business, the only person on Royce White’s side is himself. He will never win this battle.