Houston Rockets Cut Daequan Cook And Sign James Anderson

By Kyle Adams

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets have parted ways with swingman Daequan Cook to make room for newcomer James Anderson, who will take on Cook’s role on the team.

“He’s a good, diligent defender,” coach Kevin McHale said of Anderson. “He’s a guy who knows how to play. I’m looking forward to getting him out here and seeing how he fits in our system.”

Anderson averaged 3.4 points on 44% shooting from the field and 45% from downtown in 10 games for the Spurs this season.

Cook never looked quite comfortable in the Rockets system, which I find strange. The Rockets need shooting off the bench badly and that’s why Cook made the roster in the first place. If he’s not shooting he is essentially useless. He shot 36% from downtown which isn’t bad, but he shot just 35% from the field which is way too low for a shooter.

He played in just 16 games for the Rockets, averaging 3.4 points in 10 minutes a game.

Anderson hasn’t played much better than Cook this season, but he is two years younger and looks to have a bigger upside. He can’t create his own shot, but with guys like Jeremy Lin and James Harden he should get plenty up spot-up shots.

I think Cook will land on his feet somewhere soon. Plenty of teams need scoring off the bench and he has proven throughout the years he can give you that if given a proper chance.