NBA Trade Rumors: Should The Houston Rockets Trade For Josh Smith?

By Kyle Adams

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

One name that has been circling around the Houston Rockets the last year or so is star power forward Josh Smith. But should the Houston Rockets trade for the big man?

If I’m the Rockets the only way I’m trading for Smith at this point is if the price is not too high. Houston could offer up any type of package containing any of their current power forwards and maybe a couple of other guys off the bench.

Some people are convinced that the only way the Atlanta Hawks would trade Smith to Houston is if ChandlerParsons is included. If so they should say no that deal. Parsons is a bargain at just $850,000 a year. Smith makes $12.4 million a year but only averages 4 points and 2 rebounds a game more than Parsons does.

Smith could be a good fit alongside Parsons, James Harden and Jeremy Lin but only if he runs the floor and cuts to the basket. Over the last couple of year he’s turned into a big jump shooting forward. And due to this he only shoots 43% from the field. If Smith played to his strengths he could easily average more than 20 points a game and shoot around 50-55% from the field.

With that being said Smith is by far a better forward than Patrick Patterson or Marcus Morris. There is no telling what Terrence Jones and Donatas Motiejunas will become, but if the Rockets are willing to trade Jeremy Lamb for Harden they would surely be open to trading Jones or D-Mo for Smith.

Houston’s best bet would be to wait this season out before going after Smith. He becomes a free agent after this season and has reportedly said Houston is one of the teams at the top of his list. Smith’s time in Atlanta looks to definitely be over, if it’s before the trade deadline or after this season I’m not sure.

Even if Smith is traded that doesn’t mean he will stay with the team that trades for him. But this is the chance Houston could take. I don’t see them giving up any significant piece on their team for Smith. If the Hawks want any of the four power forwards or any of the backups or a pick than I guarantee the Rockets would make that deal.

The trade deadline is still a month away. Houston is known for making moves mid-season. If that move is for Josh Smith remains to be seen.