A Bitter Battle: A Houston Rockets – Utah Jazz Preview

By Richard Huang

The Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz have had a rough history with each other ever since the Hakeem-Stockton/Malone days. However, there is no doubt a big change in the teams this generation as this young Houston Rockets team is now becoming a young prodigy of the pick and roll and Utah is known for their Center “Big Al” Jefferson. However, the 3 may be a threat for the Houston Rockets as well, with a couple of acquisitions this year from the Los Angeles Clippers- Randy Foye and Mo Williams. Tonight, January 28th, 2013, the Houston Rockets will have to face off again against their playoff nemesis facing off against the Utah Jazz’s record of 24-20 with their close record of 24-22.

In their previous encounters, the Utah Jazz completely decimated the Houston Rockets where Patrick Patterson had a 19 points game, Gordon Hayward had 15 while James Harden had the flu. In their second game against each other, Houston would prevail against Utah with Patrick Patterson leading with 20 points and many teammates close by while Gordon Hayward led his team with 21 points.

As mentioned in a previous article, The Utah Jazz is known for its experience. However, the team with age has also been coming off injuries such as that of veteran Mo Williams and the questionable status of Gordon Hayward. They may not be ready to face Houston.

However, although Houston had a great team win over the Brooklyn Nets, they may have a little bit of rust still in them thanks to the 7 consecutive game loss in January.

Either way, this game should be very interesting- possibly very hilarious at how bad and close the play is, or possibly awesome how good and close the play is.