Houston Rockets: Goran Dragic Update

By Kyle Adams

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re like and you’re a Houston Rockets fan you were probably very upset when Goran Dragic left Houston to return to the Phoenix Suns where his career started. To this day I’m still not over it, but he still remains one of my favorite players.

With that being said, he hasn’t produced as much as I thought he would. He is definitely the face of that franchise for right now and the floor general. This is a guy I expected to drop 15-18 points and 8-10 assists a night. That hasn’t quite been the case just yet.

Just like Jeremy Lin, Dragic has struggled some adjusting to his new team, teammates and coaching. He has also been through a coaching change this season after the Suns parted ways with long time head coach Alvin Gentry.

So far this season he is averaging 14 points, 6 assists, 3 rebounds and 1.4 steals in 32 minutes a game. He’s shooting 44% from the field but just 31% from downtown. As you can see he is not exactly lighting it up as most expected he would.

But in the last few games he has been on a tear. Maybe he is just a slow starter to the season. If you remember last season Kyle Lowry was the starter until mid-way through the season then Dragic took over and lit up the NBA in Houston.

This is a kid I think could be the next Steve Nash, maybe not as flashy or as good as a shooter, but the next best thing. I would like to see him get a bit more of playing time, maybe around 35-38 minutes. I would also like to see him shoot more. He’s averaging just 5 makes on 11 shots. I would like to see him bump his shots up to around 15 a game.

Dragic needs to get back to what got him here. Penetrate the lane and either finish or kick it out to the open man. His defense is also very underrated. This guy is the complete player at point guard and I think his best is yet to come. Although he plays for the Suns I’m still rooting for him from afar.