Houston Rockets: Omer Asik Continues To Improve

By Kyle Adams

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Omer Asik is one of those rare players who isn’t judged based on how many points he scores. He is judged based on defense and rebounding, and in these categories he’s ranked as one of the best players in basketball.

Asik has impressed fans and people throughout the league all season long. He has more than lived up to his contract so far and his upside is through the roof. Don’t forget this is his first year as a starter.

So far this season Asik is averaging 10 points, 11 rebounds and 1 block a game. Not bad for a first-year starter. But over the past 5 games he has been on a huge tear rebounding the ball. In the last 5 games Asik is averaging less points at 8 a game, but he’s averaging 14.4 rebounds, 3 more than his season average.

It’s no question that he has been the biggest surprise on the team this year and by far the better get over teammate Jeremy Lin so far. This is a big man averaging 10 points a game with no real offensive experience. Imagine what this guy could do with a full offseason to work on his offense.

With Dwight Howard being hurt and struggling so far this season it looks like the Houston Rockets not being able to get him and instead signing Asik has been a huge blessing in disguise. The future is bright on the Big O and he will only get better from here.