The Houston Rockets-Charlotte Bobcats Player Of The Game Is…

By Richard Huang

Feb 2, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets power forward Patrick Patterson (54) dribbles against Charlotte Bobcats shooting guard Jeffery Taylor (44) during the first quarter at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell:USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Patterson

Without him, the Rockets just wouldn’t have finished the game without him and his 2 3-pointers and multiple awesome looking dunks. His 24 points were quality and quantity. He completely destroyed the Charlotte defense. It may be because of the mismatches thanks to the coaches and Patterson’s own genetics! But whatever the reason, 2Pat just showed off the reasons why Houston fans would miss him if traded for a Paul Millsap or Zach Randolph. He was the leading scorer. He has a long term plan in the NBA, sticking to the forward’s corner game that he knows so well. He was also the only one who succeeded driving to the hole to get a dunk in after Houston refused to do the transition game!

There’s a lot of honorable mentions such as:

Omer Asik. Charlotte had Biyombo; Houston had Asik. He ran the what the announcers called all of Houston’s defense. He got a double-double thanks to his points and boards.

Chandler Parsons, also had a double-double because of his points and boards, the same amount of points as Patterson even. More of a glue guy to keep the team together whenever Omer Asik or Jeremy Lin would have the ball drop or get deflected.

Jeremy Lin, for being the only Rocket to actually run the proper offense (transition) during the first half that would have completely destroyed Charlotte if Houston just stuck with it. He was nearly the Rockets’ first double-double reaching 9 points, 8 assists in addition to his 3 steals.  

James Harden, for reaching his first triple-double. He had more points and assists than Lin. Again, kept the team holding on long enough without Delfino or a proper offense till Patterson just got tired of the game and took advantage of the mismatch.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist for showing how serious and dangerous this sport can get in the same year #1 draft pick Antonio Davis suffered from a concussion. Getting out of school before graduating college, some can consider him the Kobe Bryant of 2012. Drafted as a number 2 pick to a team that really needs the help, Kidd-Gilchrist has shot on average 10 points a game his first two months before the All-Star break. He had to overcome stuttering in his life. And he really showed some promise these last two games against the Houston Rockets, making me shake in fear of losing to him and his play. Best of luck to you, Michael.