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Houston Rockets could be the biggest winners in the All-Star Game

By Jeffrey Miles

Feb 15, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; NBA former player Dikembe Mutombo (55) blocks the shot of Tamika Catchings (24) during the 2013 NBA all star celebrity game at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend’s All-Star extravaganza will showcase what Houston has to offer prospective free agents. Now that it is clear to the entire nation that the Houston Rockets are perfect suitors to any free agent big man who is still in his prime and ready to win a championship, hopefully the weather cooperates and most of the monster-truck driving hillbillies stay home with their shotguns and beer cans.

But seriously, hopefully the players will get out and enjoy some BBQ and at the same time learn that Houston is the fourth largest city in the nation. Maybe they will hop on the light rail and go to a museum or find some delicious Vietnamese Pho. Certainly, many will find plenty of what I like to call ‘boom-boom clubs’, but it would be nice if they also enjoyed some fine Indian cuisine and took in a play at the Alley Theatre.

I currently live in Los Angeles and it is safe to say that stereotypes are the first thing that come to mind when I tell someone that I am a Texan. They ask me about my horse and six-shooter. These people who have never stepped foot anywhere in Texas say: ” You don’t talk like you are from Texas “. They immediately picture a giant Saguaro cactus, tumbleweeds, distant mountains, a desert, a saloon, a cattle ranch, and a giant George Bush face. It is no wonder that prospective free agents might fall victim to the same pitfalls, until they experience the reality and rich history of the city first-hand.

There is a job-opening at power-forward/center/super-star for the Rockets and whoever takes the job has a good chance to win a ring or two and hang some new banners in the Toyota Center. In a working man’s town that provides the lion’s share of refined petroleum to the nation, and is named after a man who led the victory over Santa Ana at San Jacinto and remembered for integrating Texas into the United States, there is room for another leader. Daryl Morey has a paycheck ready for someone who is worthy of this city. Hopefully the right guy is hanging out in H-town this weekend, catches a glimpse of his future, and more importantly becomes intrigued about the prospect of bringing back the glory days for a well-deserving city.