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Houston Rockets And Indiana Pacers To Play Preseason Games In Philippines, Taiwan


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers will meet up overseas in Manila, Philippines on October 10th and again on October 13th in Taipei, Taiwan.

It’s pretty obvious that the Rockets are very popular overseas due to having Yao Ming at one point and now Jeremy Lin.

The Oklahoma City Thunder will be the first team to open up the preseason overseas next year by playing Turkish team Fenerbahce on October 15th in Istanbul.

The Philadelphia 76ers will play a day later against Uxue Bilbao in Spain.

After that the Thunder and 6ers will meet up on October 8th in Manchester, England.

The Golden State Warriors will face off against the Los Angeles Lakers on October 15th in Beijing and again on the 18th in Shanghai. Kobe Bryant is a very popular player in Asia.

The Chicago Bulls will go up against the Washington Wizards on October 12th in Rio de Janeiro.

The NBA’s brand already stretches across the entire world. All this will do is make it even stronger.