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Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks Rematch


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If the Houston Rockets play anything close to how they did Sunday night against the Dallas Mavericks than Rockets fans will be very pleased. After losing to Houston 136-103 the Mavericks will look to get revenge lead by O.J. Mayo and Dirk Nowitzki.

In the last meeting Donatas Motiejunas actually outplayed Dirk, which has to intrigue Rockets fans. I expect a little more out of Dirk tonight but if D-Mo can keep up with him it will not only help the Rockets get a victory but give Donatas some much needed learning experience.

Sunday’s game was only the third or fourth game this season that I can honestly say Jeremy Lin completely outplayed his opponent. Like Dirk, I expect more out of Darren Collison but Lin should still have the upper hand.

Chandler Parsons completely dominated the last game and should look to do it again. The Mavericks are too old and slow at his position to keep up. Parsons is a potential star in the making and games like these are where he needs to shine.

Speaking of old and slow, Omer Asik should have no problem playing against guys like Chris Kaman and Elton Brand. 15 points and 15 rebounds should come easily.

James Harden and Mayo both had a decent game in the last meeting but look for them to step it up tonight. They’re both the best players on their respective teams. Mayo doesn’t want to get embarrassed again and Harden will look to end this one early.

The Rockets are definitely the better team this season and I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t win. With that being said, I’m sure Kevin McHale will make sure they’re ready and let them know this is a new game and not to expect another blowout twice in a row. Outside of Mayo the Mavericks have little hope. The Rockets may not win by 30 again but don’t be surprised if it’s double-digits.