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Houston Rockets: Daryl Morey Agrees to 4-Year Extension


In his fifth season, Daryl Morey has made safe, sensical moves. But the team is mired in the mud and headed for another mediocre season.

Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander has announced that general manager Daryl Morey and the Rockets organization have agreed to a 4-year extension.  Last month, Alexander said that he and Morey were in talks about a possible contract extension.  Morey had one year left on his current contract, so this would lock him up for five years.

“The reason I extended Daryl, I thought he’s done a terrific job in his tenure with the Rockets.” Alexander stated.

Morey took over as general manager in 2006, and has never been shy about making moves.  In every season with Morey at the helm, the Rockets have made an in-season trade.  This season proved no different, as Morey was able to make two trades that have shocked the basketball world, first by acquiring all-star James Harden before the season, as well as the three team deadline deal that brought in Thomas Robinson.

Morey has the Rockets in great shape for the future: a very good, talented, and exciting core, as well as enough cap space to acquire a max-contract player this summer.