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If Kobe Bryant Can Walk, He Will Play. Dahntay Jones Did Not Play Dirty


Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

According to the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant severely sprained his left ankle Wednesday night and is out indefinitely after landing on Dahntay Jones’s foot.

The Lakers seem to forget that Kobe is a different breed. He’s no ordinary player who gets hurt and sits on the bench. If he can stand up on his own two feet and walk there is no question he will threw the pain and play.

And for anyone who called that play dirty when Kobe landed on Dahntay’s foot you’re just a complete idiot. Please show me where that play was dirty. What was he supposed to do? Not play defense on one of the most lethal scorers in NBA history? Give me a break. It was the last seconds of a crucial game for both teams and you can’t give up any room to an all-star player like that. I understand he walked up under him as he was in the air, but if you slack off even just an inch Kobe will make you pay.

Everyone is so sensitive towards the superstar players. If Jodie Meeks takes that shot and lands on Dahntay’s foot this wouldn’t even be a topic.

For the Kobe haters who are calling him a baby for falling down and for reportedly being out indefinitely, remember everything this guy has played through, bad ankles, knees, shoulders, fingers and everything else. Kobe is quite possibly the toughest NBA player of all time and deserves respect, even if you do despise him.

The Lakers chances of making the playoffs without Bryant are zero percent, and Kobe knows that. This guy will get non-stop treatment until he can suit up again, and trust me, he will be back on the court very, very soon.