By Phillip Pyle

A couple years ago Lucas Nogueira aka Bebe declared for the NBA Draft at the age of eighteen. Suddenly he changed his mind, and decided to spend 2 years in Spain playing basketball for Estudiantes Madrid. Now, Bebe has once again declared for the draft, if at least to add some Brazilian untapped potential to the mix. You can’t coach length and with a wingspan of 7′, 5″, Lucas could aid plenty of teams just by standing in the paint with his arms up.

Lucas Nogueira is a definite 7-footer even if you don’t count his huge afro. But only weighing 220 shows he will need to be held prisoner in a weight room before he is ready to play major minutes. Overall it is his length and speed that teams will covet. Teams like San Antonio will draft Bebe and two years from now he shows up on the Spurs bench en route to ROY. He only averaged 5.4 points in 13.6 minutes per game this season in Spain, and 3.6 boards. The possibility of having the 7-footer that develops into a prime defensive stalwart are what every NBA team searches for.

Just look at how effective Roy Hibbert has been on defense  this postseason.


Lots of Length

Add 60 pounds and you have DPOY votes

His nickname is Bebe


Gotta bulk up

His nickname is Bebe

Bebe looks to join other exciting Brazilian players such as Nene and Leandro Barbosa.