CP3 should not be 1A!

By Richard Huang

Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Why is Dwight Howard one of the most highly sought after free agents next season and not Chris Paul? Chris Paul was the All-Star MVP and had quite an impact while playing for the Los Angeles Clippers, leading them to two playoffs appearances with outstanding fourth quarter performances. He is a closer. He helped the Los Angeles Clippers get a division title this year. He is MVP material.

Dwight Howard was a detriment to the Los Angeles Lakers last year. He has been unprofessional, injured and lackluster.

While the Houston Rockets already have Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverly, they do not have an MVP quality point guard like Chris Paul. Chris Paul has what Jeremy Lin lacks in defense and what Patrick Beverly lacks in assists.

I do not see the purpose of having Howard, when the Houston Rockets have a perfectly decent center. Dwight Howard led the league in rebounds, even though Houston’s own Omer Asik was not that far behind. Asik improved playing in the post and going for dunks during the 2013 NBA Playoffs, but both are great defensive players.

However, Howard’s free throw shooting has been terrible, while Omer Asik has shown great improvement compared to the 2012 NBA Playoffs.