NBA FINALS: Late Night-Early Morning Thoughts

By Phillip Pyle
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On Sunday, the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs will play Game 5 of the NBA Finals. This is something everyone knows, but what none of us knows is, the outcome. There are many scenarios that could play out in a Game 5 of the Finals. There has been one close game, two blowouts, and a game where LeBron James, Chris Bosh combined for 85 points.

Here are my thoughts on what will(could) happen in Game 5.


  • Danny Green and Gary Neal will make a three pointer. They combined for 13 threes in Game 3, and with this being the last game in San Antonio this season, I’m certain they will contribute.
  • Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are rested and will play well. Tony is due for another half of non-stop layups, and I’m sure the limit on his minutes will be lifted.
  • Where did Manu Ginobili’s shot run off too. I blame the earlier mentioned Green, and Neal for hogging all the threes for themselves.
  • Why did both the Spurs and Heat think it was a good idea to have a 11 year olds singing the national anthem. What I would give for Rihanna to sing the national anthem in Game 6 back in Miami.
  • Tiago Splitter will have his shot blocked, and he will commit a turnover.
  • T-Mac will not play