NBA Offseason: If the Los Angeles Clippers Made Trades

By Richard Huang

The Los Angeles Clippers have been noted to be the big trade headliner of June 2013. There has been news of trade negotiations between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Boston Celtics, including DeAndre Jordan, Kevin Garnett, Doc Rivers and draft picks. Since, the Clippers were the leader in their division last year, it would be safe to say that unless they cannot secure a Chris Paul deal that their draft picks would not serve them much purpose and were easily worth trading.

I am not including the Eric Bledsoe trades as I would not imagine the Clippers giving him up without insurance of Chris Paul staying in LA. For Arron Afflalo, I have also used draft picks for changing the make up of the team.

March 12, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan (6) and Boston Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett (5) are given double technical fouls during the first half of the game at the Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Clippers

Point Guard: Chris Paul, Eric Bledsoe

Shooting Guard: Willie Green, Jamal Crawford

Small Forward: Arron Afflalo

Power Forward: Blake Griffin

Center: Kevin Garnett

The Clippers’ backcourt remains strong in addition to the great value Afflalo provides scoring as well as Kevin Garnett defensively. He won awards previously. He may benefit in the post albeit he has aged and has better free throw shooting than DeAndre Jordan. He may also be a key in selling tickets in LA.

Boston Celtics

Point Guard: Rajon Rondo, Jordan Crawford

Shooting Guard: Avery Bradley, Courtney Lee,  Jason Terry

Small Forward: Jeff Green, Caron Butler

Power Forward: Brandon Bass, Jared Sullinger

Center: DeAndre Jordan

Rajon Rondo can greatly benefit having a high flier like DeAndre Jordan on his team, adding to the faster and quicker Boston Celtics that Danny Ainge so wanted.

Orlando’s lineup would stay the same, except they would not have to pay Afflalo off the bench (where he still does not pay anyway,) as well as get another draft pick.