NBA Free Agency: What Makes Houston Better?

By Phillip Pyle

Now that the Houston Rockets have pitched all sorts of reasons why Dwight Howard, should come play for the Rockets, its now up to the city itself to show off its goods.

Houston is an extremely sprawling city, of any and everything. If you need it, or want to do it, there is some place in Houston where it is happening. I have had the pleasure of living in both Los Angeles, and Houston, and in many ways they are very similar. Both cities have a humongous mall, that is owned by Simon Properties. In LA it is called the Beverly Center, and in Houston it is the Galleria. Both are full of every high-end store known to man, but with one exception, the Houston Galleria has an ice skating rink! Boom! There are other similarities, like an awful mass-transit system and the requirement to have an automobile if you really want to get around.

One advantage Houston has on LA in terms of traffic, is in LA there are no street shortcuts to locations, because of the mountains. Houston has a much better layout, there are streets that can take you from one side of town to the other. No need for helicopters to the game, just have a driver that knows his way around. Of course LA weather is EXTREMELY better, but the people in Houston are much more polite. You never have to worry about someone selling you something, or that they are working on a film, or that they are actors, people in Houston are all (for the most part) normal. Houston has a larger and better variety of stripclubs as Houston rapper Slim Thug was happy to point out:

Have u ever been to @dreamshouston or V-Live @DwightHoward ??? LA ain’t got strippers like we do

— slim thug (@slimthugga) July 1, 2013

Then there is football. No state loves football like Texas (aside from Georgia, Arkansas, and Alabama) LA has no team, Houston has the Texans, and both cities have MLS teams but the Houston Dynamo won back-to-back titles in 2006, and 2007, and have a nice shiny stadium near to the Toyota Center. Even Houston busniesses are getting in the Hunt for Howard:

FREE Kolaches for Dwight Howard if he signs with Houston for as long as he is on the team… and if he signs…

— Kolache Factory (@KolacheFactory) July 2, 2013

So, If I had to make a decision, I would live in Houston and work in LA, but thats not good for the Rockets, becasue they need Howard,  to work in Houston.

Hope it works out.