Houston Rockets: A look back at the Dwight Howard signing.

By Phillip Pyle

It has only been one week, but the emotion of the signing of Dwight Howard still resonates in and around Houston. Many are still in shock, while some have their doubts about the “attitude” Dwight will bring with his third team. (Third times the charm) Here is a look back at the excitement of signing Dwight Howard with help from YouTube.

A behind the scene look at Howard signing his contract, and his introduction to the thousands of fans that came out to celebrate. Key moments: At the .4 second mark he calls Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander “shorty”. At the .46 second mark is the “shorty when he gives Yao Ming some love.

Dwight Howard sits down with CNN’s Rachel Nichols and talks about his big move to the Houston Rockets. At the 1:54 mark he talks about a moment when a Lakers fan threw a jersey in his face after a 30-point blowout. At the 3:00 minute mark, he talks about wether he tried to move Kobe out of Los Angeles.

The Rockets put this video together. It features highlights from last season, as well as Dwight highlights while he was with the Magic, but notice the uniform has been change to a more acceptable color: