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Houston Rockets: 20 Years and Counting: The 5 Greatest Moments In The Les Alexander Era

By Michael Ma
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5. Daryl Morey Hired As General Manager

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey sitting courtside at Madison Square Garden.

On April 4, 2006, Les Alexander announced that Daryl Morey was added to the Houston Rockets staff as an assistant to then general manager Carroll Dawson. Morey had served three years as SVP of Operations and Information for the Boston Celtics, where he helped with the development of analytical methods and technology to enhance basketball decisions, such as the draft, trades, free agency and statistical advance scouting for the coaching staff.

Little did we know that the use of analytics would turn out to be the newest fad for NBA teams and front offices just 7 years later.

Dawson stepped down as general manager a year later, and the reigns were given to Morey, who turned a slow, defensive-minded team under Jeff Van Gundy into a more entertaining bunch under Rick Adelman.  In his first full season, the Rockets won an incredible 22 straight games at one point, and in the next season, the Rockets advanced to the Western Conference Semi-finals and took the Los Angeles Lakers to 7 games before being eliminated.

While Morey has made so many moves, he finally found his niche in 2012, where he stockpiled a bunch of young players with potential, in hopes of landing a superstar.  That superstar was James Harden, and a shocking trade just days before the 2012-’13 season helped elevate the Rockets out of mediocrity.

Now, another superstar has landed in Dwight Howard, and Morey has established himself around the league as one of the top executives.