Houston Rockets: James Harden Attends 49ERs Season Opener

By Michael Ma

With just a couple of weeks left before the Houston Rockets are set to kick-off their training camp, James Harden is enjoying his time in California before heading down to Houston. Harden was in attendance at Candlestick Park Sunday afternoon, as he watched the San Francisco 49ers defeat the Green Bay Packers.

Harden was a standout at Artesia High School in Los Angeles, and has spent most of his off-season in the L.A. area.

Whether he’s a Niners fan, or just there to jump on their bandwagon, Harden got a first hand experience with the team. He first posed for a picture with San Francisco head coach Jim Harbaugh, and then posted this video on his instagram account:

Looks like James had himself a good time, cheering the hometown Niners to a 34-28 victory.

Man Falls To His Death At Game

In related news, a fan fell to his death at the game. A 30-year-old unidentified male fell from an elevated pedestrian walkway onto the sidewalk below. CNN reported that the man was walking with his brother on the walkway before tipping over the side bar.

“Multiple independent witnesses indicated he appeared to be intoxicated prior to his fall,” according to a news release from the San Francisco police.