Houston Rockets: Odds Rockets Win It All?!

By Phillip Pyle

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With only a couple weeks to the start of training camp, all the NBA teams have all retooled and polished their rosters to prepare for the upcoming season. The Houston Rockets have 19 players on the roster and will undoubtedly have a very fun training camp, competition-wise. Of course the Rockets improved their chances of making it to the Finals and winning the title,…but how much? Thats when you turn to the guys in Las Vegas, and their uncanny ability to correctly guess the outcome nearly every year.

Odds courtesy of www.bwin.com

The Miami Heat are the back-to-back champs and have the best odds at returning to the top at an outstanding 1.5/1 odds. The Oklahoma City Thunder are second with 6/1 odds. The Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls are tied for third with a 10/1 odds, and the Rockets and San Antonio Spurs both have the same chance of making it to the Finals with a 12/1 odds. The Phoenix Suns, Charlotte Bobcats, and Orlando Magic could make someone extremely rich if they put money on them winning the Larry O’ Brien.  A $500 dollar payment on the Suns at 550/1 odds could net you $275,000 dollars. Whoa!