Houston Rockets: Dwight Howard’s Workout With Hakeem Olajuwon (Video)

By Michael Ma

Dwight Howard Poses With Hakeem Olajuwon During the Houston Rockets Fan Rally in July

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard and point guard Jeremy Lin recently spent some time in Aspen, Colorado to work with Hakeem Olajuwon. The focus was on Howard, as he continues to develop his post-up game.

But the biggest offensive scheme for the Rockets is the pick-and-roll look, and the goal is to implement Howard as the roll man as much as possible. Here’s a snippet of him working on just that:

It’s quite impressive to see Howard be able to create from the elbow and short wing, as he never really got the ball anywhere above the blocks during his time with the Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers. But with all the different pick-and-roll looks the Rockets plan to implement, it’s likely that Howard will, at times, get the ball near the elbow or free throw line area.

Last season, the Rockets ran the pick-and-roll about 25 percent of the time when they went to a half-court offense, but were just 10th in the NBA in scoring off the play when the roll man received the ball. Howard, of course, is worlds beyond Omer Asik, Greg Smith, Terrence Jones, and Donatas Motiejunas on the offensive end, even though he still has a ways to go with his offensive game.

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