Houston Rockets: Daryl Morey Hopes Rockets Are in Contention

By Phillip Pyle

The Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey has had an eventful off-season. Signing Dwight Howard, traveling to Europe, and spreading the word around the country about the excitement for the upcoming season for the Rockets.   He recently went on CBS Sport’s MaD Radio to talk about the Rockets and what he has been up too.

Here is an excerpt via MaD Radio

“I think there are probably at least three teams better than us if not more,” Morey said about the chances of winning a championship this season. “Until you’re going into a season felling like you are the top one or two I think it’s, and we haven’t really accomplished anything, I think it’s hard to talk about ‘hey we’re one of the favorites to win the championship.’  But I do think we go in with a chance, where as we haven’t in the last few years.”

Mike Meltser of MaD Radio mentioned the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs as the three teams Morey was referring too.

“I think those three, I would say going in for sure are better than us, and they’ve definitely proven more,” Morey said of the last three teams to appear in an NBA Finals. “I think the Bulls and the Pacers they’re very good as well this year.  I am hoping we are in the mix with them, maybe equal quality.”

We go in (to the season) with two of the top ten players in the league,” Morey said of Howard and James Harden.  “We go in with a young roster, the youngest of the teams that are, I think, in contention.”

“We’ve got a very good team with the ability to improve.  Time will tell how good.”

Time will tell.