Hakeem Olajuwon to Release Dr34m Kicks

By Phillip Pyle

This Saturday in Clear Lake (which is 24 miles south east of Houston), Hall-of-Fame Houston Rockets center Hakeem Olajuwon will unveil his first basketball show from the Dr34m brand. The Clear Lake location is known as the DR34M Mansion, a massive home, that Olajuwon has tuned into a boutique for his Dr34m line. You can make appointments and have a custom tailor arrange an entire wardrobe for you. Soon the masion will be open to the public, but for now Olajuwon is offering helicopter service to any of his well-heeled clients who want to avoid the Houston area traffic.

The floor of the Summit from the 95′ NBA Finals is enough to get me to visit!

The Dr34m apparel and accessories are on the high-end scale. There are bags on his online store (Dr34m.com) that cost over $1,000 dollars. The shoes, however cost $185. Which is still a huge jump from the $50 Spalding kicks Olajuwon wore with the Rockets toward the end of his career. At the time Olajuwon was a trendsetter by being the first major NBA player to release an economy priced shoe.

Now he is looking to fulfill a “dream”.

“I’m very happy about it because for many years when I was playing I endorsed many shoe companies and I’ve always wanted to go from scratch, build my own brand,” Olajuwon said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports “So I went to different sources, looking at the manufacturing, selecting the material, making sure you bring the best product to market. “I’m very excited to unveil the first Dream Shake shoe.”

“It’s the beginning of something I’ve always wanted to do,” Olajuwon said. “This is the beginning of the realization of my dream. “This dream of mine to be able to design your own shoe, pick you own material and create the first one.”And Olajuwon said his first creation, which includes Italian leather, has a very important feature that makes his shoes a cut above.

Olajuwon will unveil his shoes from 11am to 2pm on Saturday. Customers who purchase his products on Saturday will receive a free photo opportunity with Olajuwon or he will autograph one of the items that is purchased. For those who don’t buy anything, tickets for autographs can be purchased at the store or at fitermansports.com.

Here is Olajuwon in the Dr34m Mansion, getting interviewed in front of the Summit floor from the 95′ Finals. In the video he talks about the shoes, and also about working out with current NBA superstars: