NBA 2K14: Why is Harden a 89?

By Phillip Pyle

Houston Rockets All-Star guard James Harden had a break-out season last year, going from Oklahoma City Thunder 6th Man of the Year to Rockets go-to-guy.

We all know the impact Harden had on the Rockets last season, and how well he played, but according to NBA 2K14  he is only rated a 89. The rating could be due to Harden not playing the best defense. Derrick Rose fresh off a knee surgery, finally making his return this year is a 92, and Kobe Bryant who hasn’t played since rupturing his achilles in the Playoffs is still a 93. Rajon Rondo who was also injured last season is rated as a 90, clearly injuries do not affect your rating.

Could be worse though, Klay Thompson is a 76.

Remember, this year the player ratings will fluctuate with real life performances on the court so when a player is in a cold streak, they will be in the game. The same goes for a hot streak, so ratings will vary all throughout the season.

The current-generation version of NBA 2K14 releases on October 1st.