Houston Rockets: NBA 2K14 ratings

By canaancadwell
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NBA 2k14 was finally released October 1st 2013 with the Houston Rockets coming in at 11th overall. They have the 13th best defense, and the 3rd best offense on the game. With Dwight Howard being a new addition to the team, the Rockets are supposed to have an explosive offense for the 13′-14′ NBA season. Here is a look at the Rockets player ratings on NBA 2k14:

James Harden in NBA 2k14

Point Guards:

Aaron Brooks(scoring) has the best point guard rating on the team, at 77. NBA 2k14 has added more attributes to the players like: Standing Layup, Spin Layup, Euro Step Layup, Hop Step Layup, Runner, and Step through. Brooks has a 96 in stamina, 97 speed, and a 98 in quickness. Brooks role on the team is a bench warmer which is very realistic based off what happened last season after the Rockets signed him. Brooks sat on the bench last season after coming back to Houston trying to earn minutes behind Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin(Pass First) overall rating is a 76 but has the starting role. Lin signature skills: Scrapper, Pick & Roll Maestro, Interceptor, and Break Starter. A Scrapper is a person known for battling for and saving loose balls. Lin does fight for loose balls by diving on the floor. Lin earning the Pick & Roll Maestro is dead on accurate, as he received his name ‘Linsanity’ from mastering the pick and roll. Now having Howard, Lin should be able to get back into the ‘Linsanity’ he used to be. The skill interceptor is when a player is adept at stealing passes. Lin does jump passing lanes and gambles to get the steal.

Patrick Beverley(scoring) overall is a 73 and has the role of a sixth man. Beverley signature skills: Scrapper, Pick Pocket, and Tenacious Rebounder. Pick Pocket means when a player is adept at stripping the ball from players when attempting dribble moves. Tenacious rebounder is when a player is know for his relentlessness when going for rebounds. Beverley averaged 5.5 rebounds last season and their were times offensively he would jump up for any offensive rebound. Beverley is all energy and brings the same level on 2k.

Isaiah Canaan(scoring) overall is a 69 and his role is a prospect. Canaan ball handling is a 92 and his off hand dribbling is a 90. Canaan also has incredible stamina at 99 and a vertical at 95. Canaan has a vertical of 40.5″ and he has plenty of energy.