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Houston Rockets: NBA 2K14 ratings

By canaancadwell
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 Shooting Guards:

James Harden(all-around) overall is a 88, and has the role of a star. Harden signature skills: Finisher, Pick & Roll Maestro, Active Hands, Closer, and Microwave. Harden is great when finishing contact layups and dunks. Being able to have active hands, that means a player has to have the ability to strip balls from players attempting shots and layups. Being a closer means a player has to step up his game in clutch situations, preferably in the 4th quarter or overtime. Harden has the microwave ability to heat up quickly also. His three point shot is at an 83 and offensive awareness at 96. Every stat sounds about right for Harden, except a 78 in euro step layup?

Here is Harden with the top shooting guards on 2k14:

Francisco Garcia(all-around) overall is a 68 and is a role player. Garcia signature skills: Deadeye and Catch and Shoot. With having the deadeye ability, defenses can barely affect a shooter. Garcia three point shot is an 82 overall.