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Houston Rockets: NBA 2K14 ratings

By canaancadwell
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Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports


Dwight Howard(all-around) overall is a 91 and is the star on the team alongside Harden. Howard signature skills: Tenacious Rebounder, Finisher, Bruiser, Eraser, and Posterizer. Howard is a tenacious rebounder because his offensive rebounding is a 83 and his defensive rebounding is an incredible 95 overall. Howard has the ability to finish because of his standing layup, that is a 98 and dunking is a 92. Being a ‘bruiser’ means a player must have physical nature to drain energy from his match-up. Howard also has the ‘eraser’ skill because he is known for emphatic blocks. Howard blocking has an amazing 92 overall.

Omer Asik(defensive) overall is a 71 and is a starter. Asik signature skills: Tenacious Rebounder, Brick Wall, Break Starter, and Defensive Anchor. With Asik having the ability to set screens that’s difficult for opposing players to get through, he earns the right to have the ‘brick wall’ skill. Asik makes his teammates better defensively when he steps on the court. His offensive rebounding is a 90 and his defensive rebounding is a 98 overall. Also his defensive awareness and low post defense is a 82 overall.

Marcus Camby(defensive) overall is 71 and is a role player. Camby doesn’t have any signature skills but Camby’s blocking is a 88 overall. His offensive rebounding is a 88 and defensive rebounding is a 94. He also has good low post defense which is a 90 with a 84 overall is defensive awareness.

Here is a look at the Rockets on 2k14:

*Note*: Ronnie Brewer is not on the Rockets roster during the initial release of the game. Robert Covington, B.J. Young, and Jordan Henriquez are left out as well