Houston Rockets Met With Open Arms In The Philippines

By Michael Ma

The Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers Are Set To Face Off October 10 in Manila, Philippines

The Houston Rockets arrived in the Philippines early Monday morning, to the anticipation of many airport employees. A crowd of employees and fans all held up either a camera or their hand. Jeremy Lin was able to capture the moment:

Whatup Philipines!! Thanks for the crazy airport welcome…checked out mall of asia and off to dinner! Suggestions? pic.twitter.com/Lah52Eco2t

— Jeremy Lin (@JLin7) October 7, 2013

While Lin decided to share the visuals of their arrival, Chandler Parsons decided to do update his followers by simply tweeting: ‘Philippines’


— Chandler Parsons (@ChandlerParsons) October 7, 2013

Rookie Isaiah Canaan, who is just getting accustomed to the NBA life, wanted to let everyone know just what time it was when the team arrived overseas.

Man this time difference is crazy!! It’s Monday & 3:30 in afternoon here in Philippines!!

— Isaiah Canaan (@SiP03) October 7, 2013

The Rockets game against the Indiana Pacers is scheduled for Thursday morning at 6:30 AM CST, and will be televised on NBA TV.