Houston Rockets: Arrival In Taiwan Met With Excitement, Enthusiasm, and Jeremy Lin Fanatics

By Michael Ma

Fans await the Houston Rockets arrival into Taipei, Taiwan (via RocketsSocial)

The focus and anticipation of the Houston Rockets’ trip to Taiwan has all been focused on Jeremy Lin, and that excitement became apparent as fans loaded Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport for the arrival of the Rockets.

Amidst all the commotion, Lin simply greeted the fans by saying, “Thank you, I’m back.”

More fans in Taiwan @HoustonRockets pic.twitter.com/Qoi0iEdOyQ

— RocketsSocial.com (@Rockets_Social) October 10, 2013

While the Rockets themselves are excited to explore and have fun in Taiwan, they will, after all, have to go to work to prepare for Monday’s matchup with the Indiana Pacers.

Landed safely in Taiwan. Can’t wait for tomorrow to explore the country…

— Omri Casspi (@Casspi18) October 10, 2013

And while coach Kevin McHale experimented with a different lineup by inserting Patrick Beverley into the starting unit instead of Lin in Thursday’s win in Manila, the idea of Lin not starting Monday’s game could cause a national crisis in Taiwan.

Dwight Howard talks about his experience in Taipei so far (via Rockets.com)

McHale, meanwhile, downplayed the situation when speaking to the press in Taipei.

“I wouldn’t get all excited about who starts in a preseason game,” he stated. “I found out that does mean something.”

Meanwhile, Dwight Howard continues to have fun in front of cameras, as he is no stranger of having the spotlight on him. Dealing with the recent long flights and jetlag, Howard stated that he hasn’t been able to get good sleep, but is still good to go.

“I’m going to be fine,” he said. “Superman is a little rusty, but he’ll be OK when the season starts.”