Houston Rockets: Patrick Beverley Showing A Unique Sense Of Rebounding

By Michael Ma

Oct 16, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley (2) loses control of a ball against the Orlando Magic during the second half at Toyota Center. The Rockets won 108-104. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s rare that you see a a point guard record 9 rebounds in a game, and even more rare for a player who is just 6’1. But for Patrick Beverley, his unique sense of going and getting rebounds is a lift that the Houston Rockets have never gotten from a point guard in recent history.

There were games last season where Beverley pulled in double-digit rebound numbers coming off the bench, and those numbers have continued to impress in the pre-season. What’s more fascinating is how often he’s able to come up with an offensive rebound, when point guards usually are the ones who get back on defense whenever a shot goes up.

But Kevin McHale is determined to use Beverley to the best of his abilities, which includes letting in attack for offensive rebounds. When asked if he wants his point guards to attack the offensive boards in the regular season, McHale stated that Beverley will be the only one who gets that freedom.

“With Patrick, yes,” McHale stated. “With most guys, no. Patrick has a great nose for the ball. Occasionally, they’ll get a run out on top of that. He’s going to more than make up for that with his offensive rebound and getting his hands on balls and coming up with the rock. The other two and three have to be aware of that and get back. We want to be aware of that.”

As McHale continues to search for the right combination in the starting lineup, Beverley continues to make the case that he can handle to duty of starting games with the first unit at the point guard spot. He has also shown that he’s capable of sharing the floor with Jeremy Lin, which would create great flexibility for the Rockets rotation.

Chandler Parsons Finds Some Company

With the decision of letting Chandler Parsons rest in Wednesday night’s win over the Orlando Magic, Parsons was all smiles on the bench as he got a chance to sit with his teammates and observe the game. Apparently, his observations ranged into the stands, as he was able to meet up with rapper 2Chainz.

RT @RelativitySport: Our guy @ChandlerParsons hanging w/@2chainz last night at the @HoustonRockets game pic.twitter.com/vTtK89pcXw

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) October 17, 2013