Houston Rockets: Two Possible Trade Scenarios for Omer Asik

By Brett David Roberts
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The day Dwight Howard inked his contract with Houston, Omer Asik had to begin wondering where he may play next. Asik is coming off a year he easily could have won the league’s Most Improved Player award and he’s a strong rebounder and capable defender. But Howard is the game’s best center, and I already detailed here at Space City Scoop why a Howard-Asik front-line really isn’t as plausible as it seems superficially.

Asik is a true 5-man, and so is Howard. Neither Howard nor Asik has the skill set to step out on the floor. Both of these trades would acquire 4-men who are capable of stretching the floor and playing the up tempo game of the Houston Rockets. With a dominant center, it only makes sense to have a power forward who is quick on defensive rotations and can shoot beyond 15-feet with ease.

There are some problems with trading Asik. The main one is that he is too good to be a backup, yet not an elite player at his position. He’s not an upgrade for many teams. Even some of the teams Asik may upgrade at the 5-spot, may not be interested because no one wants to be the team to help Daryl Morey get the missing parts to complete this machine. Nonetheless, let’s look at two deals, the second of which is admittedly not all that realistic.