Houston Rockets: A Farewell To Marcus Camby

By Sarah Breuner
After 18 years in the NBA, center Marcus Camby will no longer be on the Rockets roster.  The Houston Rockets waived the 39-year-old from the roster Monday because he has been unable to recover from torn plantar fascia tissue.

While he may not be physically able to be on the court in the future, 6’11” Camby may work with the team in another capacity such as player development.  Still, it remains a possibility for Houston to add Camby back to the roster late in the season or right before the playoffs.

Camby is younger than only Steve Nash in the NBA. He was not expected to get a great deal of playing time this season, but he was definitely a contributor throughout his lengthy career.  Since being drafted in 1996 (for reference, Clinton was President and gas cost $1.23 a gallon), Camby has been Defensive Player of the Year and named to the league’s All-Defensive teams no less than four times.  Whether on the court or bench, he always makes a statement with his wardrobe.

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