Houston Rockets: (Sources) Omer Asik Requests Trade

By Phillip Pyle

Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

According to ” two individuals with knowledge” the Houston Chronicle is reporting that Omer Asik has asked to be traded. This reaction appeared eminent following the 4 minutes of court time he saw last night in a overtime lost against the Philadelphia 76ers.

The “Twin Towers” experiment was costly to the Rockets, as spacing on offense and perimeter defense became non-existent.  Unfortunately for Asik, he plays on the same team with the best player in the NBA at his position, Dwight Howard. If only Omer could shoot three-pointers? Omer is currently in the 2nd year of a $25 million dollar contract, and a young, defense-minded, 7′-0″ rebound machine is hard to find.

The Rockets have no trade involving Asik in the works, with one individual saying a deal is more likely in months than in days.

Asik declined comment, referring questions to his agent, Andy Miller. Miller also would not comment on any trade request.

““I would say the situation is very frustrating right now and we’re trying to work through it,”” Miller said.  ““For Omer, the objective has always been to continue to develop and grow as a player. That’’s why we came to Houston in the first place. If that objective can’’t be met, if we can’’t get the right platform to grow and contribute as a player, it’’s certainly frustrating.””

Asik, who has the longest streak of consecutive regular-season games played in the NBA, averaging 10.1 points and 11.7 rebounds last season. He is averaging just 5.6 points and 8.1 rebounds this season, with his playing time reduced to an average of just 22.7 minutes per game.