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Houston Rockets: History of Rockets Disgruntled Players

By Phillip Pyle
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Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Royce White

The Rockets drafted Royce White No. 16 overall in the 2012, even though many teams had expressed concern with White’s inability to fly due to an anxiety disorder. Having a player on the roster that is unwilling to board the team plane, and would rather take the bus, makes for a complicated situation, especially when the team has to travel from Toronto, to Houston for a back-to-back. Royce demanded the NBA institute a protocol for players with his condition, and initially refused an assignment to the Rockets’ D-League affiliate. White was traded to the 76ers the same day Houston reached an agreement with Dwight Howard. Philadelphia cut White after an inconsistent preseason, and it’s unlikely any other organization will take a risk on him, but he still remains active on twitter.