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Houston Rockets: History of Rockets Disgruntled Players

By Phillip Pyle
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Vernon Maxwell

“Mad Max” was a headache off the court, getting in numerous legal incidents, but was an even bigger headache for Rockets management in 1995 with the arrival of Clyde Drexler. In a game in Portland on February 6, Maxwell ran into the stands to punch a fan, later claiming the fan had heckled him over his wife’s miscarriage (which was denied). The NBA suspended him for 10 games and fined him $20,000.  After the Rockets acquired Clyde Drexler from Portland, Maxwell was crushed by the acquisition and asked for a leave of absence during the playoffs.  Once the season was over, he was waived by the Rockets ending up with Philadelphia 76ers. He was subsequently charged with possession of an illegal substance and was the target of a paternity suit.